Established in 1976, Taiko International, Inc. is a firm selling high precision machine tools by industry-leading manufacturers. Our focus is in servicing the high-precision machine and gear manufacturers - providing quality machines, tools, equipment and parts.

Our success can be attributed to our commitment in providing customers with service and quality excellence.

We begin by working together with you, utilizing feasibility and time studies, in assessing your machine tooling needs. Based on that assessment, we review all viable model selections, comparing features and benefits. We then furnish you with the ideal machine to meet the requirements of your current and future applications - all based on your financial commitment.

Additionally, we review all payment options available to you and assist in the selection of the right payment plan. Our service is not complete until we provide you with our extensive training program, access to our engineering expertise, and our quality parts support.

We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced precision machines available, along with the product knowledge and service required, to assure your production of the highest level of precision parts.  


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